ZOSH!-Playlist: 7. Februar 2001 – 21 bis 24 Uhr

Massacre – Chamber Of Ages
Death – Sacred Serenity
Marilyn Manson – Born Again
Lizzy Borden – We Only Come Out At Night
Savatage – Commissar (Reinschmecker)

** Album der Woche: Catastrophic „The Cleansing“

Catastrophic – Enemy (Neuvorstellung)

Extreme Noise Terror – No Longer As Slaves (Neuvorstellung)
Waterdown – Draw A Smiling Face
Grade – A Year In The Past, Forever In The Future

** Triple Oldie Treat

White Flag – Shattered Badge
Adrenalin O.D. – Old Peolple Talk Loud
Pillsbury Hardcore – Wanna Check Out My Record Collection?

Driller Killer – Man Overbored
Behemoth – Christians To The Lions (Neuvorstellung)
Gregorian – Nothing Else Matters
Annihilator – The Rush (Neuvorstellung)
Children Of Bodom – Hellion
Dimmu Borgir – Burn In Hell (Reinschmecker)
Marduk – Obedience Into Death (Reinschmecker)
Rob Rock – Eagle
Warrior – Retribution (Reinschmecker)
Death By Stereo – You Mess With One Bean, You Mess With The Whole Burrito
Mouthwash – Competing For Frequency
Catastrophic – Pain Factor (Album der Woche!)
Cathedral – Soul Sacrifice
Candlemass – Samarithan
Lacuna Coil – To Live Is To Hide (Neuvorstellung)
Amorphis – Goddess (Of The Sandman) (Reinschmecker)
Pro Pain – Shine (live) (Neuvorstellung)
Botch – The Age Of Quarrel [Soundtrack]
The Romp – Was It Really Worth It?

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