2001-12-19 – Frosh! returns: Der Herr der Ringe

ZOSH!-Playlist: 19. Dezember 2001 – 21 bis 24 Uhr

Death – Beyond The Unholy Grave
Death – Bite The Pain (R.I.P. Chuck Schuldiner)
Fintroll – Slaget Vid Blodsälv
Opeth – Harvest

** Live zu Gast im Studio: Nobbe von Drecksau aus Nürnberg!

Drecksau – Ascheregen
The Romp – Was It Really Worth It?

Slipknot – Left Behind
In Extremo – Vollmond
Sacred Steel – The Immortal Curse / Slaughter Prophecy (Vengeance For The Dead) (Reinschmecker)
Slayer – Jesus Saves

** FROSH! returns: „Der Herr der Ringe“-Themenabend!

** Triple Oldie Treat

Blind Guardian – Lord Of The Rings
Running Wild – Mordor
Cirith Ungol – Frost & Fire

Morgana LeFay – Lord Of The Rings
OST: Howard Shore & Enya – The Great River
Isildur’s Bane – Tom Bombadil
Bob Catley – The End Of Summer (Galandriel’s Theme)
OST: Leonard Rosenman – History Of The Ring
Morgana Lefay – To Isengard
Amon Amarth – As Long As The Raven Flies
Gorgoroth – The Devil, The Sinner And His Journey
Blind Guardian – Time Stands Still (At The Iron Hill)
Summoning – Flesh & Blood


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