ZOSH! (Radio Z, Nürnberg): Playlist 15.01.2020

ZOSH!-Playlist: Mittwoch, 15.01.2020 (21 bis 24 Uhr)
Moderation: Andi & Phil

RUSH – YYZ (live) (R.I.P. Neil Peart)
OPETH – Charlatan
SACRAL RAGE – Waltz In Madness
SLAYER – Die By The Sword (live)
OBSEQUIAE – Emanations Before The Pythia (NEU)
HAXANDRAOK – Ba’al Zel Bul At The Gates Of NOX
AGNOSTIC FRONT – The Eliminator (Konzerthinweis+Verlosung)
VIOLATOR – Toxic Death
JUDAS PRIEST – Diamonds And Rust (live)

** Triple „Rush“ Oldie Treat
RUSH – A Passage To Bangkok (1976)
RUSH – Distant Early Warning (1984)
RUSH – Nobody’s Hero (1993)

** Live zu Gast im Studio: Markus Becker von Atlantean Kodex (Interview+Verlosung)
ATLANTEAN KODEX – He Who Walks Behind The Years
ATLANTEAN KODEX – People Of The Moon

CLOVEN HOOF – Cloven Hoof
TIMESPHERE – A Smile To Remember (NEU)
AVATARIUM – Shake That Demon
CAPILLA ARDIENTE – Fallen Alphas And The Rising