13-02-2002 – Gast-DJ: Wolfi, Mechanix!

ZOSH!-Spielliste, 13. Februar 2002 – 21 bis 24 Uhr

Testament – Disciples Of The Watch_2002
Arch Enemy – Diva Satanica (Reinschmecker)
Tiamat – Vote For Love (Neuvorstellung)
Iced Earth – Jackyl And Hyde (Konzertkritik)
Sacred Steel – Faces Of The Antichrist (Neuvorstellung)
Blind Guardian – The Curse Of Feanor

** Original & Fälschung – die außergewöhnliche Coverversion bei ZOSH!

Guns’n’Roses – Sweet Child O‘ Mine
Akasha feat. Neneh Cherry – Sweet Child O‘ Mine

** Gast-DJ: Wolfi von Mechanix!

** Triple Oldie Treat

Megadeth – Wake Up Dead
Lääz Rockit – Chain Of Fools
Carcass – Exhume To Consume

Immortal – In My Kingdom Cold
Nunslaughter – Satanic
Deicide – Sacrificial Suicide
Alice In Chains – We Die Young
Life Of Agony – River Runs Red
Atari Teenage Riot – Revolution Action
Exploited – Punk’s Not Dead
System Of A Down – Deel Dance
Dead Kennedy’s – Nazi Punks Fuck Off
Helmet – In The Meantime
Ministry – Filth Pig
Sentenced – I’ll Throw The First Rock (für Geuther!)
Zimmer’s Hole – This Is Metal!
KAT – Death To You
Mechanix – Method Of Self Destruction
G.G. Allin – Highest Power
Anal Cunt – You’re Unbelivable
Crowbar – I Have Failed
Napalm Death – You Suffer (Konzertrückblick)
Napalm Death – Siege Of Power (Konzertrückblick)
Holy Moses – Too Drunk To Fuck
The Traceelords – Feels Like Charly Brown


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