16-01-2002 – Interview mit The Crestfallen & Repent

ZOSH!-Playlist: 16. Januar 2002 – 21 bis 24 Uhr

Axel Rudi Pell – Hot Wheels
Ballistic – Threshold Of Pain
Drift – Downtonone
Morning Again – As Tradition Dies Slowly
Death – Symbolic

** Album der Woche: Into Eternity – Dead Or Dreaming

Into Eternity – Dead Or Dreaming (Neuvorstellung)
Memory Garden – Revelation
Bal-Sagoth – And Lo, When The Imperium Marches Against Gul-Kothoth, Then Dark Sorceries Shall Enshroud The Citadel Of The Obsidian Crown
Virgin Steele – Conjuration Of The Watcher (Reinschmecker)
Silent Force – Infatuator

** Triple „Hell Comes To Your Town II-Tour“ Oldie Treat

Destruction – Intro / Total Desaster
Kreator – Pleasure To Kill
Sodom – Outbreak Of Evil

Terrorgruppe – Wir müssen raus
Misfits – Bruiser

** Live zu Gast im Studio: Andreas, The Crestfallen & Steve, Repent!

Verdict – Black Seer
Repent – Moshpit
The Crestfallen – Not This Life (Live)
End Of Green – Believe

Ulcerrhoea – Amounts To Shit
Revolver – Weaselsong
Tankard – Open All Night

** Vampster.com präsentiert: Original & Fälschung!

Depeche Mode – Clean
Converge – Clean

Will Haven – Carpe Diem
Smart Ass Dynamite & The New Generation Of Destructive Entertainment – Mannequin
Into Eternity – Absolution Of The Soul (Album der Woche!)
Impaled Nazarene – Hardboiled And Still Hellbound
Bewitched – Sacrificed In Flames (Neuvorstellung)


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