ZOSH!-Playlist: Mittwoch, 21. April 1999

Judas Priest – Between The Hammer & The Anvil
Rush – Virtuality
Immortal – At The Heart Of Winter
Social Distortion – Ball & Chain
Mike Ness – In Love With My Car (Neuvorstellung)
Nevermore – The Lotus Eaters
Amorphis – Divinity (Neuvorstellung)

** Triple Oldie Treat

Halloween – Don’t Metal With Evil
Aslan – To Chase The Stars
Manilla Road – Necropolis

Tanzwut – Königreich
Corvus Corax – Saltarello (Live)
Les Tambours Du Bronx – Nagasaki, Pour La Vie (Live)
Soulfly – Quilombo
In Aeternum – When The Vultures Left (Neuvorstellung)
H2O – F.T.T.W. (Reinschmecker)
Turbonegro – Der Übermensch
Skunk Anansie – We Don’t Need Who You Think You Are
Wardog – Breakneck
Fish – Faith Healer (Live)
Ayreon – Tunnel Of Light
Krisiun – Rises From The Black
Dimmu Borgir – Dreamside Dominions
Senser – Breed
Steel Prophet – Look What You’ve Done
Soulfly – Eye To Eye

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