ZOSH!-Playlist: Mittwoch, 25. August 1999

Anthrax – A.I.R.
Sacred Reich – Surf Nicaragua (live)
Bolt Thrower – War Master
Six Feet Under – Manipulation
Tiamat – Sympathy With The Devil
Sentenced – Noose
Nightwish – Sleeping Sun
Suicidal Tendencies – Build To Survive
US Bombs – Going Out
Arch Enemy – Pilgrim

** Triple Oldie (Metal!) Treat

Venom – Black Metal
Possessed – Death Metal
Samael – Morbid Metal

Cradle Of Filth – The Forest Whispers My Name
Satyricon – Filthgrinder
Beatsteaks – Shut Up! (Neuvorstellung)
Sick Of It All – Call To Arms
Good Riddance – Shit Talking Capitalists
Primal Fear – Final Embrace
Riot – Somewhere (Neuvorstellung)
Sacred Steel – Heavy Metal To The End
Hot Water Music – Our Own Way
Spock’s Beard – Strange World
Engine – Taste
Undertow – Asleep At The Wheel
Mortification – Lock Up The Night (Neuvorstellung)
Virgos Merlot – Come Apart
Megadeth – Enter The Arena (Neuvorstellung)
Megadeth – Crush ‚Em (Neuvorstellung)
Ween – Mushroom Festival In Hell
Galactic Cowboys – Nothing To Say
Morbid Angel – Chapel Of Ghouls
Ratos De Porao – Amazonia Never More
Led Zeppelin – Black Dog

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