26-05-99 – Devin Townsend-Interview

ZOSH!-Playlist: Mittwoch, 26. Mai 1999

Backyard Babies – Highlights
Mercyful Fate – Sold My Soul
Kreator – Endorama
God Dethroned – Nocturnal
Taetre – Your Illusion Unmasked
Dimmu Borgir – United In Unhallowed Grace
Social Distortion – Don’t Drag Me Down
Teen Idols – Her Only One (Neu)
The Hellacopters – Alright Already Now
Missing Link – Lobotomized (Neu)
Manowar – Metal Daze (Live)

** Triple Oldie Treat (Part I)

Forbidden – Through Eyes Of Glass (live)
Exodus – Fabulous Disaster (live)

** Interview mit Devin Townsend, live aus Kanada!

Strapping Young Lad – Detox
Devin Townsend – Bad Devil
Devin Townsend – Night

** Triple Oldie Treat (Part II)

Kreator – Tormentor (live)

Skyclad – Vintage Whine
Overkill – Bastard Nation (live)
Rockbitch – The Church (Neu)
Hypocrisy – Fractured Millenium
Children Of Bodom – Hatebreeder
Summoning – Passing Of The Grey Company
Good Riddance – Shadows Of Defeat (Neu)
Good Riddance – Eighteen Seconds (Neu)
Gorefest – Low
Slayer – Die By The Sword (live)
Lower East Side Stitches – Unload Reload (Neu)

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