ZOSH! (Radio Z, Nürnberg): Playlist 27.01.2021

ZOSH!-Playlist: Mittwoch, 27.01.2021 (21 bis 24 Uhr)
Moderation: Seb, Mike, Andi & Lilly

PRIMORDIAL – Where Greater Men Have Fallen
DREAD SOVEREIGN – Devil‘s Bane (Reinschmecker)
DISBELIEF – Scaring Threat
AGE OF WOE – Bad Blood

** Prädikat „wertvoll“: Asphyx „Necroceros“ (NEU)
ASPHYX – Three Years Of Famine
ASPHYX – NecrocerosSTASS – Dreams Of Rotting Flesh (NEU)

NERVOSA – Perpetual Chaos (Reinschmecker)
ABEST – Shiver

**Triple Crust Oldie Treat
DISFEAR – Get It Off (2008)
SKITSYSTEM – Pain, Death, Hate (2004)
DISCHARGE – Hell On Earth (1982)
NASUM – Device

** Interview & Verlosung mit Claus von Beehoover
BEEHOOVER – Goreplay
BEEHOOVER – Low Performer

COLDUN – The Forest And The Soul (NEU)

**Livesong der Woche
KREATOR – Intro-Choir Of The Damned / The Pestilence (live) (Terror Prevails-Live At Rock Hard Festival)

IMHA TARIKAT – Kreuzpunkt Der Schicksale
SOURCES – Thy Words Of Wisdom Come With Lack Of Vision
MEGATON SWORD – General Bloodlust
PULVER – Kings Under The Sand

** Fembreak-Beitrag „Polen Frauenstreik“ bei ZOSH!

THE OATH – Night Child
GOLDEN VOID – Burbanks Dream