ZOSH! (Radio Z, Nürnberg): Playlist 03.03.2021

ZOSH!-Playlist: Mittwoch, 03.03.2021 (21 bis 24 Uhr)
Moderation: Andi, Lilly & Seb

T.T. Quick – Metal Of Honour
ACCEPT – Too Mean To Die
DIAMOND HEAD – It’s Electric

** Prädikat „wertvoll“ für: Ricky Warwick „When Life Was Hard And Fast“ (NEU)

RICKY WARWICK – When Life Was Hard And Fast
RICKY WARWICK – I Don’t Feel At Home

** Live Song Der Woche

SEPULTURA – Beneath The Remains/Escape To The Void (live) („Blood-Rooted“, 1997)

DREAD SOVEREIGN – She Wolves Of The Savage Season
SCALD – There Flies Our Wail! (NEU)

**Triple „Irish Whiskey Day“ Oldie Treat

AC/DC – Whiskey On The Rocks (1995)
WISHBONE ASH – Lady Whiskey (1970)
VAN HALEN – Take Your Whiskey Home (1980)


** Vampster.com präsentiert: “Original & Fälschung”

DUST – Pull Away/So Many Times
LUCIFER – Pull Away/So Many Times (NEU)
THE HELLACOPTERS – It´s Good But It Just Ain´t Right
SINIRA – Where Starlight Does Not Shine
WOLVENNEST – Ritual Lovers
ALICE GIFT – Blue Is Not Your Color (NEU)
IN SOLITUDE – Jesus I Betong
AGE OF WOE – Ghosts Who Hunt Alone
WODE – Death‘s Edifice
SAPROBIONTIC – Apocalyptic Conflagration (NEU)
THE CROWN – Let The Hammering Begin! (Reinschmecker)
THE GENERALS – Faith In Fire (NEU)
DVNE – Towers (Reinschmecker)
EMPYRIUM – The Three Flame Sapphire (Reinschmecker)
MONO – Death In Rebirth (Live with the Platinum Anniversary Orchestra – Reinschmecker)