ZOSH! (Radio Z, Nürnberg): Playlist 26.01.2022

ZOSH!-Playlist: Mittwoch, 26.01.2022 (21 bis 24 Uhr)
Moderation: Kristina & Lilly

CLUTCH – The Incomparable Mr. Flannery
TURBONEGRO –  Hot For Nietzsche
MINISTRY – Search And Destroy
PARKWAY DRIVE – It’s Hard To Speak Without A Tongue
COMEBACK KID – Everything Relates (NEU)
IGNITE – Fear Is Our Tradition
RESOLVE – Beautiful Hell (NEU)
DESTRAGE – Mr. Bugman

** Triple „Royal Blood“ Oldie Treat
METALLICA – Prince Charming
PRO-PAIN – All For King George
MOTÖRHEAD – Queen Of The Damned

SMOKE BLOW – Outta Jail
WITHERING SURFACE – Behind The Other Side (NEU)
AMORPHIS – Magic And Mayhem
ALMYRKVI – Severed Pillars Of Life
ISKANDR – Vlakte

** Live Song Der Woche
ENSLAVED – Building With Fire (Roadburn Live)

SLAEGT – Fealty, Thunder Whip (Reinschmecker)
VAMPIRE – Melek-Taus
HULDER – Purgations Of Bodily Corruptions
SPECTRAL WOUND – Fair Lucifer, Sad Relic
PAGA – Wet Star
IN SOLITUDE – Horses In The Ground
ELDER – Gemini (Konzerthinweis)
THE HELLACOPTERS – Eyes Of Oblivion (Reinschmecker)
THE DEVIL’S BLOOD – The Yonder Beckons