01-09-2004 – Trainspotting-Festival: Warm Up

ZOSH!-Playlist: 1. September 2004 – 21 bis 24 Uhr

Whitesnake – Children Of The Night (Konzerthinweis)
Nightwish – Romanticide (Konzerthinweis)
Rammstein – Amerika (Reinschmecker & Konzerthinweis)
Psychotic Waltz – Faded (für Stefan aus Fürth)
Dead Soul Tribe – Toy Rocket (Neu)
Tool – Ticks & Leeches (Tipp: Alternative Xplosion)
Dismember – Forged With Hate (Konzerthinweis)
Vader – The Sea Came In At Last (Reinschmecker)

** Album der Woche: Mirror Of Deception – Foregone!

Mirror Of Deception – Metamorphosis (Neu)

** Zosh!-Spezial: Ausblick auf das Trainspotting Festival in Schweinfurt,
** inkl. eines ausführlichen Interviews mit Veranstalter Andreas Schmittfull

Bridge To Solace – These Maps Are Written With Blood
Elision – Still
Perth Express – Kollektiv
Tumult – Madenfutter
Face Down In Shit – Old Song (Edit)
Nothing Gold Can Stay – But We Can Still Be Friends
Bridge To Solace – How Long Do We Have To Bear Our Fuck Crosses (Edit)
McCarthy Blacklist – Your Human Separation
Zann – Lover Fighter (Edit)
Dean Dirg – Do It Right
Transmission O – Journey (Edit)
Men In Search Of The Perfect Weapon – Fall From Your Creation (Edit)
Das Oath – I’ve Been Trying To Fuck My Life Up For Years
Some Girls – Gonna Set My Soul On Fire
Anti-Control – Beware The Stare

** Triple Oldie Treat

Iron Maiden – Twilight Zone (1981)
Slime – Störtebecker (1989)
Dead Kennedys – Let’s Lynch The Landlord (1980)

Vampster.com präsentiert: Original & Fälschung!

Status Quo – Pictures Of Matchstick Man
Type O Negative (feat. Ozzy Osbourne) – Pictures Of Matchstick Man

Mirror Of Deception – One Mind (Album der Woche!)
Illdisposed – A Warm Welcome (Rückblick: Up From The Ground 2004)
Obituary – Gates To Hell
Atrocity – Cold Black Days
Leaves‘ Eyes – Tale Of The Sea Maid
Cradle Of Filth – Nymphetamine


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