12-07-00 – Gamma Ray-Interview

ZOSH!-Playlist: Mittwoch, 12. Juli 2000

Dismember – Override The Overture
Trouble – The Tempter
Samael – Rain
Astarte – Naked Heads (Neuvorstellung)
Acid Death – Psycho Love (Neuvorstellung)
The Gathering – Shot To Pieces (Neuvorstellung)
Spark – Dressed To Kill (Neuvorstellung)
In Flames – … As The Future Repeats Today

** Triple „Glen Danzig“ Oldie Treat

Misfits – She
Samhain – All Hell
Danzig – Not Of This World

All – Carry You
King’s X – Julia
Gamma Ray – The Silence

** Live am Telefon: Kai Hansen, Mainman von Gamma Ray (Interview)

Gamma Ray – Valley Of The Kings
Gamma Ray – Rebellion In Dreamland

Vader – The World Made Me Flesh
Run Devil Run – I Could Be (Neuvorstellung)
Infectious Grooves – Good For Nothing (Neuvorstellung)

** Festivalrückblick: Metal 2000 @ Maimarkthalle, Mannheim

Spiritual Beggars – Sedated
Motörhead – The One To Sing The Blues (Live)
Slayer – Mandatory Suicide (Live)

Ryker’s – Don’t Thread On Me
Oxymoron – The Whole World Is Going Insane (Neuvorstellung)
Hopeful – Imperial Pie (Neuvorstellung)
David Lee Roth – That’s Life


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