18-12-2002 – Zosh!mograph

ZOSH!-Spielliste, 18-12-2002 – 21 bis 24 Uhr

Drecksau – Sät nur der Wind
Lowbrow – Sex, Violence & Death (Neuvorstellung)
Morgana Lefay – Lord Of The Rings
Zed Yago – Waiting For The Wind
Audioslave – Show Me How To Live (Reinschmecker)

** Der ZOSH!mograph – die Hörerinnen- und Hörer-LP-Charts bei Zosh!

20_Kataklysm – Chronicles Of The Damned [Shadow & Dust]
19_Coal Chamber – Loco [Coal Chamber]
18_Disturbed – Prayer [Believe]
17_Metallica – Master Of Puppets [Master Of Puppets]
16_Queens Of The Stone Age – Feel Good Hit Of The Summer [R]
15_Amon Amarth – Bloodshed [Versus The World]
14_Kreator The Patriarch / Violent Revolution [Violent Revolution]
13_Blind Guardian – Another Holy War [Imaginations From The Other Side]
12_Bolt Thrower – Pride [Honour – Valour – Pride]
11_Black Sabbath – Into The Void [Master Of Reality]
10_Soulfly – Brasil [3]
09_Opeth – Wreath [Deliverance]
08_Nightwish – Slaying The Dreamer [Century Child]
07_Blind Guardian – When Sorrow Sang [Nightfall In Middle-Earth]
06_Slayer – Altar Of Sacrifice [Reign In Blood]
05_Nile – Sarcophagus [In Their Darkened Shrines]
04_Blind Guardian – Wait For An Answer [A Night At The Opera]
03_Candlemass – Bewitched [Nightfall]
02_Lacuna Coil – Swamped [Comalies]
01_In Flames – Trigger [Reroute To Remain]

Motörhead – Eat The Rich (für den 1. FCN!)

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