13-10-2004 – Heavy Metal Battle mit Oli, Keep It True

ZOSH!-Playlist: 13. Oktober 2004 – 21 bis 24 Uhr

Motörhead – Life’s A Bitch
Bruce Dickinson – A Chemical Wedding
Disillusion – A Day By The Lake (Konzerthinweis)
Amon Amarth – An Ancient Sign Of Coming Storm (Konzerthinweis)
Unleashed – Destruction (Of The Race Of Men) (RH-Neueinsteiger des Monats)

** Album der Woche: Nasum – Shift! (Neu)

Nasum – Creature
Nasum – Darkness Falls
Nasum – Circle Of Defeat
Nasum – Like Cattle

The Cure – Us Or Them

Vampster.com präsentiert: Original & Fälschung!

Alice Cooper – Bed Of Nails
Children Of Bodom – Bed Of Nails (Neu)

** Heavy Metal-Battle bei ZOSH!
** Dazu live im Studio: Gast-DJ Oli Weinsheimer, u. a. zum Thema Keep It True III

** Triple Oldie Treat

Hallow’s Eve – Plunging To Megadeath (1985)
Helstar – The Shadows Of Iga (1984)
Jaguar – Axe Crazy (1982)

Tyrant’s Reign – Kill Or Be Killed
Repent – Cause For Power (Reinschmecker)
Ram – Judgement And Punishment
Deadly Blessing – Search And Destroy
Basil Poledouris – OST – Conan The Barbarian: Battle Of The Mound’s
Manowar – Secret Of Steel
Cirith Ungol – King Of The Dead
Brocas Helm – Cry Of The Banshee
Sacred Steel – Slaughter Prophecy (Vengeance For The Dead)
Satan – Kiss Of Death
Sortilege – Sortilege
Black Destiny – Who I Am
Exxplorer – Run For Tomorrow
Medieval Steel – Medieval Steel


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