ZOSH!-Playlist: Mittwoch, 23. November 2005 (21 bis 24 Uhr)

ARCH ENEMY „Carry The Cross“
HAMMERFALL „Hearts On Fire“ (Konzerttipp & Verlosung!)
RAMMSTEIN „Zerstören“ (NEU)
PORCUPINE TREE „Open Car“ (Konzerttipp & Verlosung!)
MELT BANANA „Shield For Your Eyes, A Beast In The Well Of Your Head“

** Live zu Gast im Studio: Tobias und Florian, Veranstalter des
** Novembers Doomsday Festivals in Langenzenn (+ Verlosung!)

SILENCE „Lady Farewell“

VERSUS THE STILLBORN-MINDED „Stormborne I“ (Konzerttipp)

** Triple „legendäre Trios“ Oldie Treat

TRIUMPH „Magic Power“ (1981)
RUSH „The Trees“ (1978)
THE RODS „Rock Warriors“ (1984)

MOTÖRHEAD „Overnight Sensation“ (für den 1. FC Nürnberg)

** Live zu Gast im Studio: Doris, Thomas und Thomas von
** Swifty Morgan aus Erlangen (Konzert-Tipp & Verlosung!)

SWIFTY MORGAN „House Of Reason“

TAINT „Drunken Marksman“ (NEU)
VILE „Suicide Warfare“ (NEU)
AMORAL „Tiebreaker“ (NEU)

** Original & Fälschung – die außergewöhnliche Coverversion bei ZOSH!

FU MANCHU „King Of The Road“
BEATSTEAKS „Frieda und die Bomben“

SMOKE BLOW „Alligator Rodeo“ (Konzertrückblick)
HELLOWEEN „Silent Rain“ (NEU)
PLACE VENDOME „Magic Carpet Ride“ (NEU)
KMFDM „Hau Ruck!“ (Konzerttipp & Verlosung!)
CLAWFINGER „The Faggot In You“

** Zosh!-Nachtclub: 1 – 2 – 3 – GO!!!!

Sick Of It All – It´s Globberin Time / Just Lies
Scholastic Death – Kill ´em with Politics
Unruh – Spoonful Of Tar
Nema – 4077
Terrorrain – Intro / Defiance…
Sluggo – Of It
Cursed – God and Country
Bastian – Sitting Still
Melee – How Can We?
Impiety – Skullfucked: The Speed Metal Hell
Abhorrence – Disintegration Of Flesh
Excruciating Terror – Addiction
Septic Death – Burial
Suicide Nation – A Prayer To The Void
Captain 3 Leg – “Modern Day Piracy” (split w/ Unholy Grave)
Articles Of Faith – My Fathers Dreams
Rorschach – Bone Marrow Biopsy / Largusitis
Unbroken – You Won´t Be Back
Pailhead – Anthem
Tragedy – The Neverending Fight
Man Is The Bastard – Skullcrusher
The Impossibles – A Transmission To Wire
Gaurithoth – Orgies Of Hell
Men´s Recovery Project – Our Alaskan Brothers
Out Of Vogue – Get Lost
Paluka – Doku No Hana…
Process Is Dead – Jucket
The Last Crime – The Last Days Of The Smuggler
Melt Banana – Plot In A Pot
Dag Nasty – All Ages Show
Scapegrace – HE Thinks I´m Stupid
Anasarca – East Bunk Mill
The Ten Boy Summer – The History Of Blank Pages And The Conscious Decision To Discontinue The Tradition Our Gender Has Been Plagued With


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