26-02-2003 – Gast DJs: The Sighs Of Sissified Resistance

ZOSH!-Playlist: 26. Februar 2003 – 21 bis 24 Uhr

Witchburner – Ultra Violence (Konzerthinweis)
Mechanix – Disintegration (Konzerthinweis)
Metallica – Damage Inc.
Saint Vitus – I Bleed Black
Great White – House Of Broken Love
Such A Surge – Alles mu raus (Neuvorstellung)

** Album der Woche: Exploited – Fuck The System (Neuvorstellung)

Exploited – Fuck The System
Mind Ashes – Hunting Season (Neuvorstellung)
Elkeliset – Jenkkapolkkahumppa
Apocalyptica – Prologue (Apprehension) (Konzertankndigung & Verlosung)

** Lari, Evi & Gloria von The Sighs Of Sissified Resistance legen auf!

** Triple Oldie Treat

Twisted Sister – Come Out And Play
The Dicks – The Dicks Hate The Police
Alice Cooper – Only Women Bleed

L7 – Andres
Lost Sounds – I’m Not A Machine
Beatallica – A Garage Day’s Night
Books Lie – Fried Chicken And Exorcism
Lard – The Power Of Lard
Manowar – Battle Hym
Plasmatics – The Whife’s Appartment/Bruce’s Bedroom/Brain Dead
Sisters Of Mercy – Lucretia (My Reflection)

** Original und Fälschung – die außergewöhnliche Coverversion bei Zosh!

The Cure – Lullaby
The Avenging Disco Godfathers Of Soul – Lullaby

European Translation Of – ohne Titel
At The Drive-In – 198d
The Hawaii Show – The Babysitter
Eve Massacre – Let Me Die Of A Poison Kiss
Alien Sex Fiend – Ignore The Machine


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